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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My letter to Dan

I've always been a bit funny about my fractal.
But with Dan's fantastic Images

It seems time to start sharing my work, yet trying to get and keep recognition of my contributions.

Hi Dan (White)

I didn't use spherical coords in the way you did. Although the the maths I used was built around the process of rotating.

i x j = -j
j x i = i

When I started this I was borrowing my Land Lady's son computer which was a 66MHz 486. So I avoided the computationally heavy trigonometry, and went for the more Cartesian approach.

Also I was only able create 640x400 images, So I made a model. This was made around 2000. It as just 4 sheets of A4 acetate interlocking.

It would be great to make real solid 3D model. But I can't even think were to begin.

I haven't been doing much on this stuff for ages.
Looks like we are all going on an interesting path now.


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